Caring for jewellery with Czech garnets

Like any piece of jewellery, also jewellery with Czech garnets requires proper care to prolong its life and unique beauty. Our goal is your full satisfaction with the purchased goods; therefore we would like to provide some important tips on how to care for jewellery.
1. Put the jewellery on last, and take them off first.
2. Store jewellery in a jewel box where they will be protected against any effects of light, humidity, and the like.
3. Taking jewellery off before you go to bed is a matter of course / fine components could get deformed / you will save the gem plus you will sleep more comfortably.
4. The lifetime of jewellery is shortened by variety of perfumes, makeups, hairsprays and cosmetics in general; those might damage metal parts, seize the mechanics and reduce the gloss and change the colour of the plating.
5. Jewellery should not be exposed to water; it is therefore desirable to put them away before bathing not only at home but also in the pool or sea. Chlorine, salt and scented bath oils degrade jewellery.
6. Also put jewellery away when doing sports, since sweat is not good for them.
7. It is very important to clean jewellery from time to time to avoid accumulation of dust and sweat particles that can slowly impair the quality of jewellery. If you clean your jewellery at home, use a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water only and do so in a safe place where there is no risk that you will lose it. Avoid using sharp objects. It is advisable to let a cleaned gem dry spontaneously, or finish its polishing with a soft, lint-free cloth. Never dry clean it.
8. A very frequent cause of damage is improper attempts to repair jewellery that may damage jewellery irreparably. Therefore, always entrust jewel in the hands of experienced professionals.
If you follow the above recommendations, jewellery will keep their original look for a long time.

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