Finding items

Hello Everyone!

I have a good news! Yesterday my December order was delivered finally.
Thank you for your help and support with shipment issue investigation.

All the best.

Hello, CV013137308cZ shipment according to information from the Czech post flew from CR 20 December 2010 - flight LH 1399th. Please try to find out information about adoption. In the event that the shipment will not be found, the shipment will complaint at the Czech Post Office and we will send you a new piece of jewelry again.

Hello Everyone!
I checked with US Post Service Department, they replied the item wasn't reached to USA.

Customer Letter

Hello, I was about to post items about which we spoke. He promised me that it tries to redirect traffic through an international, if the shipment is still in Russia.
Have a nice holiday.

I would like to inform you that your visit to the additional post was instrumental in helping to deliver mail and even with better timing than if it came without all the complications.

This will also thank Mr. Břichnáčovi for all the willingness in its processing.
I am sure that this complicated contracts typically do not receive.

Sincerely, Thomas H.

PS: Your jewelry had a very success

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